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Sustainability & Innovation

Unipar Indupa, as a responsible and innovative company which respects citizens, adopts an integrated management policy focused on sustainable development.


Over decades human beings have been pursuing a new model of growth. Nowadays, the society can clearly see that the economic development should not stand for environment degradation and that prosperity needs to be within the reach of all human beings. These notions have been lined up and organized to originate the concept "Sustainable Development" adopted by an increasing number of companies around the world.

Unipar Indupa, as a citizen company that cares for the environment, adopts an integrated policy aimed at sustainable development, which can be translated as a commitment to making profits with as little impact as possible on the environment and acknowledgment of its social responsibility. One of the pillars of Unipar Indupa‘s commitment is its adherence to the Responsible Care program outlined in the Responsible Care Policy and in the Unipar Indupa Integrated Management Policy.

Adopting efficient management systems based on ISO 14001 standards leads to the ongoing improvement outlined in the policies through various programs, projects and actions for improvement and streamlining processes that:

  • Sustain improvement in environment;
  • Care for occupational health of people;
  • Consolidate safety on site;
  • Ensure that products have been properly used by customers and users.

Responsible Care

Unipar signed up to the Responsible Care® program in 1992, and since then it has been guiding the Company’s Health, Safety and Environment actions. The strategy consists of safeguarding against HSE issues. This preventive program responds to this need.

Unipar Indupa has been investing millions of Brazilian Reais every year into Safety, Environment and Health. It clearly shows the Company really cares for HSE issues. Also, the Responsible Care® program plays an important role as it comes to Group plans worldwide towards regulation of its sites and risk prevention. The program is up and running on all sites of the Group around the world. All updates on the Responsible Care® program are inputted at the same time, everywhere.

Unipar Indupa also adopted the Unipar Group directives concerning Sustainable Development promoting strong actions to reduce energy consumption, minimize the emission of effluents and improve water utilization. These internal guidelines bring to light environmental efforts, but also social programs implemented by Unipar with the local communities.


Unipar Indupa do Brasil was the first company in the Petrochemical Complex region of what is known as the Greater ABC area of São Paulo city to have an environmental project classified as a Clean Development Mechanism. This happened when the company changed from fuel oil to natural gas and hydrogen, achieving an average reduction 42,000 tons of greenhouse gas per year. Under the Kyoto Protocol (an international agreement establishing targets to reduce greenhouse gas emissions) this enabled the company to earn carbon credits.


Expansion of Production Capacity - In June 2009 Unipar Indupa completed the modernization and expansion of operations of the industrial unit of Santo André, Brazil. The $ 150 million investment helped increase the production of Caustic Soda and Chlorine, VCM and PVC.

New Central Electric Power - In 2009 Solalban Energía S.A. is born, a company made up of Unipar Indupa S.A. and Albanesi S.A. specifically created for the generation of electrical energy and sale of the surplus to the national network.

In 2011, a 440,000-volt substation was opened, increasing the reliability of energy supply to the productive area at the Santo André plant.

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