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Thanks to the fact that PVC is lightweight and easily molded, automotive industry manufacturers and their suppliers consistently turn to Solvay for a range of solutions.

Building & Construction

PVC is one of the most used plastic materials in the world and nowhere better is this seen than in the building and construction sector.

Consumer Goods

The role PVC plays in our daily lives is staggering. From the rooms we inhabit, to the clothes we wear to the currency we carry, its range of applications is only limited by our imaginations.

Electrical & Electronics

Both highly resilient and inexpensive, PVC is widely used for electrical housings and magnetic credit and debit card strips.


Non-toxic PVC pervades the hospital environment, from the gloves stretched across a surgeon’s hands to the hygienic flooring to the high purity pouches and bags containing blood and solutions.


PVC is widely used for packaging due to its flexibility, lightness, transparency, stability, ease of sterilization and impermeability. Additionally PVC is safe and hygienic, making it a premium choice to protect against the contamination of foods and medicine.


PVC plumbing is extremely common around the world for new structures and replacements of existing plumbing systems due in part because it’s inexpensive, easy to install and repair, doesn’t react with other building materials and doesn’t pose a fire risk during installation.

Wire Cable

The popularity of PVC for wires and cables is due to its robustness, enabling applications to be able to withstand a range of operating conditions, at extremely competitive costs.

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