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Electrical & Electronics

Both highly resilient and inexpensive, PVC is widely used for electrical housings and magnetic credit and debit card strips.

With strong durability and excellent insulation properties, PVC is a "go to" protective material for electrical applications.

Fuse Boxes & Housings - A Fuse Refuge

Flame and heat resistant rigid PVC is often used to make fuse boxes and electrical housings. This PVC boasts strong durability, excellent insulation properties, good surface finish, and is scratch resistant. The injection process is used to manufacture these products.


  • PVC Suspension Resins

Wall Plugs - Well insulated

Thanks to excellent insulation properties, good resistance to oils and hydrocarbons, high hot melt fluidity and a low tendency to form fish eyes, plasticized PVC is widely used to produce wall plugs and accessories. The process used for making these products is over-molding by injection.


  • PVC Suspension Resins
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