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PVC plumbing is extremely common around the world for new structures and replacements of existing plumbing systems due in part because it’s inexpensive, easy to install and repair, doesn’t react with other building materials and doesn’t pose a fire risk during installation.

High performing plastic supply pipes have become increasingly common, with a variety of materials and fittings employed. With excellent mechanical properties and good chemical resistance, PVC pipes can withstand vigorous movement, making them particularly popular for use in areas where there is periodic land settling.

Drinking Water

Performing Pipes - For Top Performing Pipes

Pressure pipes are often made from rigid PVC, which possesses excellent mechanical properties, good chemical resistance, low creep and superb durability (MRS). Pressure pipes are manufactured by the extrusion of compact pipes used as drinking water conduits under pressure.

Rigid PVC alone or in combination with other thermoplastics is used to produce fittings. Its brilliant properties include:

  • Excellent mechanical properties
  • Good chemical resistance
  • Transparency
  • Durability
  • Low creep

The injection process is employed in the manufacture of fittings.

The grades used in the manufacture of these products are listed in the table below.


  • PVC Suspension Resins

Soil Pipes

Soil Pipes - Excellence Underground

PVC has become a popular material for many new drainage system installations. Non-corrosive PVC is undeterred by most chemical corrosion, making PVC pipes resistant to the majority of all acids, oils, alkalis, domestic effluents and oxidizing agents.

For non-pressure pipes, like sewerage and drainage pipes, PVC is a strong choice due to its excellent mechanical properties, fine chemical resistance and ease of assembly.


  • PVC Suspension Resins

Fittings - A Material Fit for Purpose

Rigid PVC of low or medium molecular weight, used alone or in combination with other thermoplastics, is used to manufacture fittings. PVC is well regarded for its excellent mechanical properties, good chemical resistance, durability and low creep.

The injection process is employed in the manufacture of fittings.


  • PVC Suspension Resins
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